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wanderist: a roamer, a storyteller, an avid guidebook reader, a slow walker, a list maker, and often lost in something beautiful. 


A made-up definition to describe my travel philosophy. A Wanderist is a collection of curated city guides of my favorite and most memorable destinations. These are detailed city guides but are meant to inspire wanderers in their wanderings, and not to dictate every hour of your trip. Instead, take parts, plan loosely, and take it all in at your own pace and with your own goals. I’m passionate about getting the most out of every city and matching passions with experiences. I devour travel content and keep lists and notes about cities to be able to compile a comprehensive guide. This website came from my emailed Google Docs full of recommendations and I try to keep it as updated as possible. 


Look around, book the ticket, and get lost in a new or familiar city. 


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