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Paris Market Guide​

The best way to get to know Paris is to visit a few markets-hear the locals discussing produce, see the dogs, smell the cheeses and find the ripest fruits for your picnic. Confirm hours as they change seasonally.  7th Arrondissement/Eiffel Tower Marche President-Wilson Wednesday & Saturday: 7am to 2pm  Louvre Marché Saint-Honoré Wednesday: 12:30pm-8:30pm, Saturday: 7am-3pm Montmartre  Marche St-Quentin  Tuesday-Saturday: 8am-8pm, Sun: 8am-1:30pm Marché Dejean Monday-Saturday: 8am-8pm, closed Sundays Bastille Marche d’Aligre  Tuesday-Saturday: 9am-1pm, 4pm-7:30pm, Sun: 9am-1:30pm, closed Mondays  Marché Bastille Thursday & Sunday: 7am-2:30pm Le Marais  Marche des Enfants Rouges Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-8pm, Sunday: 8:30am-5pm, closed Monday  Ile Saint-Louis Marché aux Fleurs Reine Elizabeth II Monday-Saturday 8am-7pm Marche aux Oiseaux  Sunday 8am-7pm Latin Quarter  Marche Monge  Wednesday/Friday/Sunday: 7am-2:30pm Marche Mouffetard  Tuesday-Sunday: 8am-1pm, closed Monday​ Les Halles  Marche Montorgueil  Tuesday-Sunday: 8am-1pm, 4-7pm, closed Monday Montparnasse  Marche Raspail Sunday: 9am-3pm Canal Saint-Martin and Belleville  Marche Saint-Martin  Tuesday-Saturday: 9am-8pm, Sunday: 9am-2pm, closed Monday Marche de Belleville Tuesday & Friday: 7am-2:30pm Northern Paris Marche aux Puces de St-Ouen: Europe’s largest flea market  Saturday: 9am-6pm, Sunday: 10am-6pm, Monday: 11am-5pm


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